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VACASSO GL-FS32 Hepa Air Purifier - VACASSO UV Light Sanitizer & Ionizer True HEPA Air Purifier for Home, Up to 540 sq ft Large Room

VACASSO GL-FS32 Hepa Air Purifier - VACASSO UV Light Sanitizer & Ionizer True HEPA Air Purifier for Home, Up to 540 sq ft Large Room

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Why Do You Need a Large Air Purifier? Are you worried about wildfire smoke seeping into your home? Do you want to protect yourself from the harmful effects that forest fires can have on your health? You Can't Escape Wildfire Smoke, No Matter Where You Live Even wildfire smoke from California can travel all the way to New York City which is roughly 3,000 miles away. Dangerous particulate matter from forest fires is enveloping the entire United States because it goes wherever the wind takes it. According to a study conducted by Climate Central, Wildfires burning within 50-100 miles of a city routinely caused air quality to be 5-15 times worse than normal, and often 2-3 times worse than the worst non-fire day of the year.¡± Large metro areas are also at risk of wildfire pollution. The same study showed that at least twice in the last 12 years, cities like Los Angeles and San Diego have seen Beijing-level air pollution from wildfires burning in Southern California. Wildfire smoke and ash negatively affect both outdoor and indoor air quality, with air pollution from wildfires increasing smoke allergy symptoms. Fortunately, a Large Air Purifier that can handle wildfire smoke can be part of the solution. VACASSO True HEPA air purifiers With UV-C Light Sanitizer and Ionizer systems are now the first choice for educated consumers. That is because they filter the air of dust, allergens, pet dander, destroying airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. It removes airborne pollutants can go a long way toward helping you breathe healthier. Professional & Powerful Purification System 5 Layers of True HEPA Filter (.Pre-filter, True HEPA filter, Activated Carbon &VOC Absorber, Formaldehyde adsorption particles, and so on)+ UV-C Light Sanitizer+Negative Ion Generator. On another note, many homes are also being filled with a strong, smoky odor that permeates the walls, furniture, carpeting, and clothing. Luckily, the VACASSO air purifier can help reduce the indoor odors from wildfires in addition to keeping you safe from harmful health effects. Are you looking for an air purifier for a large space that can handle the demands of a high volume of air? Do you have a large room in your bedroom, office, living room that you want to get fresh and clean? If you need an air purifier for a large room (up to 540 square feet), our VACASSO 210+ Air Purifier can't be beaten. Suitable for rooms up to 540 square feet, It draws air in from every side for quick and efficient turnover of room air. The process happens five times per hour. It's super energy-efficient, as well, using no more electricity than a lightbulb.


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